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Examples of recent strategic planning/organizational development

Opportunity International, Strengthening Opportunity’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) System for Agricultural Finance

  • Comprehensively assessed Opportunity’s current M&E processes and systems including desk review, diagnosis of the Theory of Change and gap analysis

  • Facilitated dialogue with stakeholders

  • Completed a Uganda Case Study

  • Made detailed recommendations for a streamlined, consolidated and adaptable system

  • Finalized an M&E Plan for Opportunity AgFinance implementation inclusive of the development of a Performance Management Plan (PMP), Road Map, Country Reporting Template, Performance Indicator Reference Sheet (PIRS), Indicator Usage, and Global Indicator Grouping

USG Strategic Planning Assessment and Workshop, Rwanda

  • Develop guide and carrying out interviews with relevant agencies and persons

  • Facilitation of strategic planning workshop

  • Development of strategic planning approach


NATO Advisor, Joint Military Readiness Center, U.S. Army's Grafenwöhr and Hohenfels Training Areas, Germany

  • Training Advisor on civilian protection and NATO soft-power engagement for training exercise of 4000 military personnel during live training exercise

  • Demonstrated inter-agency best practices in conflict and ways to mitigate civilian causality and strengthen trust of civilian population for more rapid stabilization


Department for International Development (DFID): Economic Diplomacy Needs Assessment, Rwanda

  • In consultation with the Government of Rwanda and Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM), analyzed the needs and capacity development requirements of Rwanda in economic diplomacy including: assess the current status of Rwanda’s industry, trade, investment and foreign affairs actions, actors and tools to identify existing capacities and gaps

  • Assessed main strategies, policies and plans of the key institutions of Government directly involved with economic diplomacy in the functional areas of industry, trade, investment and foreign affairs

  • Assessed institutional and policy framework for industry, trade, investment and foreign affairs

  • Identified policy and capacity gaps along with recommended initiatives for addressing those gaps

  • Conducted KII/FGD with key stakeholders to inform the development of a joint coordination framework

  • Benchmarked the best practices of selected country EcoDiplo strategies


NATO Strategic Direction South Hub (NSD-S), Italy

  • Developed a learning platform and webinar to enable NSD-S to better capture the voice, context and perspectives from grassroots and local developing country organizations along with more traditional information sources from academia, military, humanitarian and government

  • Supported the capacity of knowledge management around Soft Power

  • Continued understanding the complex drivers of instability and conflict


UN Women: Feasibility Study for the development of a Women’s Center of Excellence in Rwanda, Rwanda  

  • Liaised with government representatives including officials of the Ministry of Gender and Social Promotion and the Gender Monitoring Office and the National Women’s Council

  • Conducted literature review and provide examples of centers of excellence in Africa, as well as globally

  • Conducted a stakeholder mapping and interview prioritized stakeholder to gain perspectives regarding the demand for a center of excellence

  • Provided a concept note to UN Women and MIGEPROF which articulates the aims of a Women’s Center of Excellence

SDG Center for Africa, Rwanda

  • Facilitated a 3-day strategy retreat for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Center for Africa. Utilizing a participatory approach, Three Stones helped the SDG Center develop a mission statement and determine core areas of focus over the next 5 years


UNICEF/World Vision, MENA Region, Jordan

  • Facilitated strategy for the development of a sustainable WASH framework for the Middle East region targeted at development partners and donor organizations

  • Returned to further develop the strategy and to create advocacy messages with civil society WASH technical cluster


Girl Effect Rwanda: Development of a partnership strategy, Rwanda

  • Conducted a mapping of potential partners that Girl Effect should partner with based on criteria developed by Three Stones in consultation with Girl Effect partnership department

  • Conducted consultative meetings with potential partners to identify synergies

  • Wrote up a comprehensive partnering strategy and timeline to be implemented by Girl Effect Rwanda


NINGO (Network of International NGOs): Market Research and Strategic planning, Rwanda

  • Developed survey and Interview NINGO members and stakeholders

  • Interviewed Key stakeholders including development partners

  • Wrote report

  • Presented report to NINGO during May General Assembly

  • Planned session at July General Assembly

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