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Three Stones is a leader in Africa when it comes to micro-finance and savings group research and evaluations in Rwanda, Uganda, Mozambique and Ghana. We help organizations and donors use these findings to lead new designs and improve programming impact and effectiveness.


For example, just in 2018, our experience includes: 

  • Completing a baseline evaluation of a Scottish Government-funded project: Strengthening Livelihoods in Rural Rwanda for Opportunity International through Urwego Bank, Rwanda. Activities included gathering data on respondents’ experience with and knowledge of: finance, banking, loans and investments, training on financial services, income and expenditure, use of technology, and mobile banking;

  • Assessing the effectiveness of financial literacy and provided M&E support for Opportunity International through Opportunity Bank, Uganda, Ltd. (OBUL) and Urwego Bank, Rwanda;

  • Completing a mid-term and end-line process evaluation for Opportunity International in Mozambique and Ghana for the Improving Agricultural Production and Incomes or Small-holder Farmers project;

  • Conducting an Economic Diplomacy Assessment in consultation with Rwanda’s Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM);

  • Completing a qualitative School Improvement Loans (SILs) assessment in Ghana and Uganda.

Ghans OIUS SG assessment_Oct 2018.jpg
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