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Three Stones has organized, coordinated and facilitated several high-profile conferences and workshops in Rwanda and Uganda. For example, in November 2018 as part of the International Family Planning Conference, we managed the PAI QUEST Quality Matters Reception for 300 guests in Kigali. We also planned and facilitated the Land O’Lakes Rwanda Close-out Event for their Rwanda Dairy Competitiveness Programme (RCDP II). The event hosted over 100 attendees including Government of Rwanda representatives, relevant Embassies and Consulates and, key stakeholders and beneficiaries. As well, we arranged and facilitated the results dissemination event for RTI and Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) on "Using Trials of Improved Practices to Test Strategies for More Optimal Nutrition in Underweight and Overweight Children in Rwanda." And, we managed WaterAid Rwanda’s Strategic Planning Luncheon (two events, each including nearly 150 participants).  In Uganda, we organized a 1,000-person awareness raising event on Child Protection at the Serena Hotel Kampala.

We provide the following event services:

  • Arrange all necessary logistical support 

  • Liaise with planning committees at both the organization and venue through formal weekly meetings and regular day-to-day contact 

  • Develop detailed agenda and "run of the show"

  • Negotiate and liaise with event venue personnel to ensure the specific needs of the client are met

  • Arrange venue space and layout which includes space for plenary sessions, group discussions and exhibition spaces 

  • Oversee participant registration  

  • Moderate the event

  • Coordinate equipment required including audio-visual equipment; lighting, photography

  • Arrange food selection or special food and beverages for meals, cocktail event or formal meal

  • Manage delivery of conference invitations

PAI event.jpeg
  • Manage publicity and branding through liaison with printing companies to ensure high quality printing of invitations, banners, posters and other documents

  • Manage side meetings, transport or in-country vehicles

  • Arrange for any air shipments pickup and clearance of customs

  • Draft speeches for key speakers

  • Arrange innovative ideas i.e. actors, drumming, musicians

  • Supervise venue employees, ensure the smooth set up and running of the event

  • Provide protocol services to respond to any queries from participants or dealing with concerns of the client which needed to be dealt with by the Hotel Management

  • Event coverage: live Tweeting, note taking, photos

  • Submit event report

  • Excellent relationship with hotel and food services management from organizing and facilitating over 50 workshops and events in venues in Rwanda and Uganda

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