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Three Stones has significant experience carrying out action-oriented research, perception and impact studies and providing recommendations to improve organizational or project efficiency, effectiveness and equity.


Having completed over 60 small and medium scale social research and evaluation projects in more than 10 countries, Three Stones has developed a strong institutional approach to both qualitative and quantitative data collection. We have a pool of over 150 trained data collectors and have access to global and local research experts in each of our Smart Development technical areas. We provide full life-cycle evaluations from methodology design and tool development to management of data collection and analysis. We are quick to deploy; able to select, train and coordinate teams; pilot tools and; carry out long term or rapid and nimble evaluations.


We take the learnings and provide sound  programmatic collaboration, learning and human-centered design services to improve implementation design, impact and enable resource optimization.

Three Stones has expertise in: impact assessments; program analysis; baseline, midterm, endline studies; end user monitoring (EUM); and social research studies, including randomized control trials.

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