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Examples of recent Organizational Design and Program/Project Design and Support


Vision Foundation, Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) Situation and Landscape Analysis, Rwanda

  • Investigated if an important gap in Rwanda’s VSLA market can be filled by Vision Foundation if providing a financial product at scale and low cost

  • Explored cost and scale and who the “right” and best positioned partners or “aggregating” individuals to provide technical training, and, can provide the next (graduation) step for those groups and individuals


Global Communities, 5-Year “Twiyubake” Program

  • Developed volunteer program through consultations with partners and stakeholders

  • Drafted program manual

  • Provided support for implementation of volunteer program


Right to Play Policy Advocacy workshop

  • Facilitated 5-day workshop with Right to Play senior staff

  • Contextual analysis of Education sector and policy advocacy opportunities

  • Provided facilitation in developing Right to Play advocacy approach in Education Sector


Education Development Center (EDC)

  • Led 5-day capacity building workshop for EDC Akazi Kanozi implementing partners


Gender Mainstreaming of Rwanda partner organizations

  • Provided gender sensitivity training to local implementers of the Plan International’s Twiyubake project

  • Developed gender policy for 7 local organizations


Farming as a Family Business- Story based training tool, Mozambique

  • Developed key messages, and script for actors

  • Conducted filming onsite in Chimoio Mozambique of PEMA program beneficiaries

  • Produced videos in Shona with Portuguese dubbing and English subtitles


Girl Effect Rwanda, Senior Level Management Support

  • Led a team responsible for the development and delivery of Girl Effect Rwanda’s program, partnerships, policy work streams for adolescent girls


Right to Play, Project Design Workshop

  • Led 5-day workshop for 55 participants


WaterAid Rwanda, “Theory of Change” workshop

  • Led 5-day strategy workshop


WaterAid Uganda, Stakeholder engagement workshop

  • Led 4-day workshop engaging stakeholders in the WASH Sector


Peace Corps Rwanda Staff Retreat

  • Led 4-day strategy workshop with Peace Corps staff

VSO, Stakeholder Engagement Workshops

  • Led 4 separate workshops for stakeholders from Health, Governance, Livelihoods, Education sectors


VSO, Retreats

  • Strategic Planning: 5 days, 100 participants

  • Staff retreat 2015: 5 days, 30 participants

  • Staff retreat 2016: 4 days, 35 participants

Care International Rwanda, Safe Schools for Girls Project Design and Proposal Writing

  • Led 2-day project design workshop with partners

  • Interviewed key stakeholders

  • Drafted proposal (accepted— program awarded $1.5 million USD for three years)

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