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Three Stones strengthens the skills, abilities, processes and resources of communities, companies, civil society organizations, and governments to improve their performance and the quality of service delivery. We work collaboratively with local, district or national leadership to assess gaps, eliminate weaknesses and harness opportunities. Our core expertise includes:

  • Strategic planning

  • Leadership and Human Resource Management (role definition, staffing management plans, team building and motivation, reward systems, conflict resolution, performance appraisals)

  • Facilitating Board of Director and Executive Committee planning

  • Gender mainstreaming and training at organizational and programmatic level  

  • Project Management (proposal development, project management plans, detailed implementation plans, risk management, quality management plans and communication plans)

  • Sustainability and resource mobilization plans 

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We utilize a multi-pronged approach to community and organizational development. It is:

(1) Collaborative and organization-led, to build internal capacity in operations, systems and priorities;

(2) Adaptive, to client circumstances to improve impact and cost-effectiveness;

(3) Aligned, to priorities and structures to improve human and financial resourcing;

(4) Systematic, to holistically consider and leverage how what is done in one part of the organization impacts another.


Three Stones works with organizations by using established Organizational Development principles and the application of the art and science of project management to identify opportunities to effectively initiate, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate interventions for impact. To organize this approach, we use a Five Phase Organizational Development Intervention model.


To transform vision into reality and achieve intended goals, Three Stones develops robust strategies that engage staff, communities and key stakeholders. Three Stones utilizes a participatory approach allowing organizations to draw from participants’ personal and professional experiences that facilitate identification of capacity gaps and strategic vision. The cornerstone of our organizational development effort reflects systematic and continuous learning and evidence-based adaptation.

Three Stones employs a variety of proven tools to implement proposed activities and realize intended results. We believe that the best innovative tools are only as good as the human interactions they foster. We work collaboratively and systematically with organizations and apply our expertise to utilize only the best tools for the right circumstance. 

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