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Social Inclusion 

Three Stones works to increase the effectiveness of social inclusion activities. We help organizations achieve their mission and vision of a society inclusive of all marginalized groups, including those with disabilities. In collaboration with our clients and government/local partners, Three Stones carries out thematic or multi-sectoral assignments to deliver high-impact social inclusion results.

Three Stones staff have a combined experience of over 60 years in service planning and service delivery to marginalized or disabled adults and children in the UK, USA, Africa and Asia. To support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Three Stones has supported local and international NGOs to ensure social inclusion of vulnerable groups, including persons with disabilities, is part of their organizational prioritization and strategy.

Three Stones has considerable experience working on social inclusion and advocacy projects to strengthen the institutional and organization capacity of organizations of disabled people, local and central government institutions and, the development of partnerships with other actors such as DfID and USAID. For example, Three Stones has

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collaborated with the National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) in Rwanda with the aim of empowering the representative structures of NCPD which has an organizational mandate to operate effectively and consistently to meet the aspirations and needs of people with physical, mental health, intellectual and psycho-social disabilities. We have aligned our social inclusion approach with NCPD and focus our efforts on:

  • Economic empowerment: strengthen employment and livelihoods for people with disabilities;

  • Mental health, intellectual and psycho-social disabilities: support needs in mental health impairments and intellectual and psycho-social disabilities (including early diagnosis and referral);

  • Stigma and discrimination: focus on changing perceptions of disability and giving people with disabilities a real voice in their communities.

Of recent, Three Stones has worked with Rwandan local government offices as technical adviser on mainstreaming disability into service planning and awareness-raising on the rights of persons with a disability. This has been achieved through training of local government officials and educators.  Three Stones has worked in capacity-building and organizational development with a range of Organizations of Disabled People (ODPs), liaising with donor agencies to support ODP understanding of donor requirements and better donor understanding of ODP operations in the local context. Three Stones has extensive experience in capacity-building, service delivery and social research into factors affecting other marginalized groups such as, refugees and asylum seekers, people with alcohol and substance abuse issues; gender gaps analysis; women’s empowerment and, resilience and empowerment among girl and boy children in refugee camps.

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